Monday, March 9, 2009

Tree Frogs

I'm gonna get arrested doing this someday. This was recorded in a neighborhood on the way home from dance practice tonight. I took the segments with the least traffic, but you can still hear some.

Here's a fun thing to do on a slow Saturday night. Play one of these tracks and a river track from the previous entry at the same time. Voila, noisy frogs by the riverside! Add some nighttime insects from this entry (load in a different tab or window) and play all three simultaneously for true audio wackiness!


Anonymous said...

Nice sounds! Kind of reminiscent of the Degobah system in ESB! But what's that buzzing or wing flapping sound right next to the mic? Cheers, JC

Marsosudiro said...


Love the tracks.

Elrond Hubbard said...

Thanks, Marsosudiro!

JC, what buzzing or flapping are you talking about? I played the tracks again. The only erroneous noise I hear is very slight cable bumping in the left mic only about twice in all three tracks, and probably this is only audible using headphones. Other than that, I just hear traffic and a brief plane, frogs, and lots of hiss because the gain was cranked way up. All the way up, in fact. And then boosted more in "post," because it was still only moderately loud.

Any buzzing or fluttering you heard was probably a frog.

While some frogs sound kind of close to a mic, they are all at least 50 feet away -- across the road and up in trees. Strangely, they were clustered in trees in some people's yards on one side of the road, and absent from the trees growing in the swampy other side of the road. I guess real nature recordists get much closer to their prey, maybe going into the deep woods and raising mics high on stands up among the branches. I'm totally not set up to do this. I'm more set up for "Beauty and the Geek" or "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway?"

Molly said...

Thank you, Elrond for the lovely pre-spring kermit croaks. Indeed it is reminiscent of entering Yoda's lair. It's a pleasing sound that I will play before I go to sleep -- well, so that I may dream of learning to use the Force for good and not evil, of course. And combining the frog sounds with the river sounds on a Saturday "sounds" like a great date night activity to me -- especially since the date night movie is out of vogue during our economic pergutory.

And is it possible that JC is just messing with your head, you know, testing your aural astuteness to keep you competitive in the dog eat dog world of sound recording? I couldn't identify buzzing or wing flapping either unless it's some kind of weird alien insect undetectable to the human ear.