Thursday, March 12, 2009

These Were All Really Nice Folks

The appearance on the Internet of this picture, taken in fall of '07, means the show Casting Call is coming to the airwaves. It's a reality TV show about casting for a small part in the movie Spring Break '83 which, apparently, is also nearing completion.

This job had the hardest audio routing I've ever had to do, though in retrospect I guess it wasn't that bad; and in some types of audio work, they do it all the time. Four microphones had to be distributed to 8 tracks on 4 cameras, isolated and mixed according to certain specifications. Then all camera headphone outputs (8 more audio feeds) had to be returned to the mixer and fed back through subgroups so I could monitor them; and the gain at every point had to be calibrated so that the levels of outgoing audio in the mixer, levels in the cameras, and levels of headphone return audio in the mixer all were the same.

I can think of a few readers who might be able to name all three of the people sitting down. You know who you are.

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