Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Housemate D Effing Rocks

Housemate K says she likes to hear it when she comes home. When was the last time you heard a housemate say she likes to hear noise made by another? D does this in his room when he's taking a study break. The law texts are put aside and he doesn't want to fuss with music or charts. He just jumps in, no parachute, and lets fly with something like this.

I don't hear him doing technical exercises, like the scales and other patterns I used to practice on the piano. His idea drives him and his fingers have to keep up. It gives him that sort of "finding his way" kind of feeling like, I don't know, Jimmy Page's? I may have Rocktoberized the year (I can't believe it's Novendrix already!), but I don't know guitar music that well.

Having D around kind of makes up for the time a member of this band came to interview for a space in our house and we didn't have him move in. He had no references except for his father back home, said he was here to play in the band, and was living with his girlfriend who was also in the band. He could tell "by her fits and tantrums," he said, that she wanted him to have his own space. The whole thing sounded a little shaky to me. I had not heard of the band at the time. And also, the housemate whom he was supposed to replace ended up not moving out for another two months after he had said he would, and by then the prospective found another apartment.

Right about that time, a guy from Minnesota was emailing me to ask about working for two days on a documentary about a band that sounded familiar. I checked back on the prospective housemate's emails and saw that it was his band.

So the documentary maker and I go out to the local bus station to shoot this band doing it's weekly gig there. The prospective's girlfriend starts playing banjo and singing, and this other guy starts fiddling, and the prospective starts dancing around with his harmonica and his jug, and they are amazing and I'm wrestling with the boom and audio levels thinking, "Aw damn, I could have lived with this guy? I effed up."

You know what else is effed up? This site, Twango, where I stream sound from, lowers the pitch of everything. I play the mp3 off my desktop, and it sounds fine. I upload it and play it off the site, and it is definitely lower and I wonder why D's voice sounds more bassy. Anyone got any ideas? Where else should I be streaming stuff from?

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