Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Guess the Party!

I won't say whose campaign spot I worked on today. I won't say what peppermint-crunching-on-the-body-mic candidate I worked with. But given the following two comments I heard from the campaign staff members about the rain which came today, in the midst of one of the longest droughts we have ever had, when 71 of our state's 100 counties are in the federal government's highest classification for drought, when there has been talk (that I can't confirm right now on the web) that only a month or two of water remains in the resevoirs and nobody knows what to do about it, when some folks are wondering what this means for future water use and what we can do long-term to provide for humanity in a world where weather is becoming more erratic, see if you can guess what the party affiliation was.

Comment 1: Golf course needs it.

Comment 2: My husband and I bought a boat and then moved here and were like, 'The lakes are drying up.'

I swear on the carpeted expandable shelf kit for my Rock 'n' Roller cart, something that gets me through when nothing else does, that these were the only two comments the rain prompted among campaign staffers today. I listened out for more and heard none.


Jerry said...

Was it the old rich white guy? (There's, like, a 90 percent chance of that.)

Glenn said...

If you criticize people who only care about their boats and golf games, well you're just helping the terrorists! Why don't you just stick OBL's picture on your blog!

christiane said...

who has abducted ben and replaced him with someone pithy?