Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Racehorse Names from the Parlance of Our Times

Who knows what racehorse names mean? "Secretariat"? "Seattle Slew"? The inventive naming is the coolest thing about horse racing. After seeing "Wildandcrazyguy" in the recent Derby, I starting thinking how we could use the parlance of our times, as expressed in The Big Lebowski, as a way to derive more racehorse names.

Trophy Wife
Abiding Dude
Laziest Worldwide
Catch You On Down the Line
Cut and Run
Five Deferments
And In English Too
Swift Oat Brethren Forsooth
Good Sasparilla
Ties the Room Together
Fahrenheit 9 to 1
Some Chinaman in Korea
Like Lenin Said
Suck Your Cock for a Thousand Dollars
Three Thousand Years of Beautiful Tradition
Goldbricking Ass
Parts at Least

. . . who's got some?


Jerry said...

My Fucking Lady Friend
We Believe In Nothing
It's Down There Somewhere
What Have You

Phil said...

I don't have much talent for riffing off of pop culture, but check this out for a variation:

Jerry said...

Smokey's World of Pain
The Creep Can Roll
There's A Beverage Here
Obviously Not a Golfer
Once They've Seen Karl Hungus
Don't Fuck With the Jesus

...okay, now I've gone from trying to think of actual viable names for racehorses to just rattling off my favorite lines from that movie. Please accept my deepest apologies.

Blazer Manpurse, BFA said...

And a Bag of Chips
Bodacious Ta-Tas
Clean and Articulate
I Didn't Inhale