Thursday, November 5, 2009

Three Relations

There were the big grocery stores, like Harris-Teeter, with all their food (except for produce) in packages. Then came Whole Foods where bulk food is in bins and you package it yourself. Then came Trader Joe's which is like the bulk food aisle at Whole Foods, but the food is pre-packaged for you.

There was classic literature where morals and basic tenets espousing God and patriotism were expressed; then there was modernism where long-held beliefs did not necessarily prevail, and post-modernism which broke structures into pieces and played with them. Then there came Stephen Colbert who uses the elements of post-modernism to reconstruct a classical character espousing God, morals, and patriotism again.

There was art that depicted, as drawing or painting on flat surfaces, 3-dimensional images; and there were 3-dimensional sculptures made of flat paper. Then there was Picasso whose work looks like he took pieces of paper from 3-D sculptures and glued them back onto a single plane, bringing renewed flatness to what had once been 3-dimensional.