Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Takes All The Fun Out Of It

. . . but also saps credibility of Exxon-funded climate change deniers.

Though they have worked through the American Enterprise Institute to fund global warming doubters, spent $16 million between 1998 and 2005 at the AEI and other organizations on such propaganda (see previous link), and still fund global warming doubters after stating in 2008 that they would cut such funding, these goons have now announced that they will sink $600 million into algae research for growing fuel oil. Apparently, they have been investigating alternative energy in private for years. After considering many possibilities, they have decided that algae is the best course to pursue. And this $600 million commitment, if it is true, sure does outweigh their denials of the need for alternative fuels.

Update: Business Week has an article describing Exxon's attitude on this.

Maybe it was this pressure from the Rockefellers and other shareholders that caused Exxon to change its tack.

In this new venture, Exxon is working with Craig Venter who genetically engineers algae for optimal oil production, and has even created algae that secretes its oil so that the oil does not need to be harvested from the cells.

So I guess I gotta add Exxon to my algae watchlist. The climate is changing indeed!

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