Monday, February 2, 2009

Sarah Palin is So Dumb . . .

. . . She ran for governor because she heard it was "in Juneau" and she had always wanted to be a French actress.


In other news, it looks like she lied to the RNC, telling them that she could not attend their winter retreat because she had important work in Alaska that same weekend. Then, on the Friday of that weekend, she was seen at a GOP fundraiser in DC (the same town as the retreat, and not the same as any town in Alaska) and the following night she was at the Alfalfa Club dinner, also in DC. I can attest to that. Here's a lousy cell phone picture I took of her entering the ballroom at the Capital Hilton. She's the blur in front of the window. But even in the blur, her Pentecostal hair is distinct as a Miss America crown.

Oh, and apparently, Alaska receives $1.87 for every dollar it pays out in federal taxes. It is the second largest welfare state after New Mexico.

Hmm. New Mexico keeps coming up as one of the best states to put our nation's algae farms for growing oil for Diesel and jet fuel. Hey New Mexico -- wanna bring in some cash?

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Molly said...

Sassy post. Now do tell us more.