Saturday, January 24, 2009

The First Actual Sales of Algae for Fuel

. . . that I know of. This is big, y'all. I need to do a bigger post rounding up recent algae insights and developments, but I just wanted to get this up in a hurry 'cause it's so exciting!

Cyanotech and Mera Pharmaceuticals are two companies in Hawaii that make nutritional supplements from algae. I have read that the cosmetic and food supplement markets are a lot more lucrative than the fuel market, and there is nothing new about growing algae for these non-fuel purposes. But these companies are now generating as much revenue by sales of raw algae to biodiesel refineries as they are from their own products. Part of these sales were the 600 gallons of algae oil grown by Cyanotech and sold to Sapphire Energy of Seattle which made the first algae-derived jet fuel used in a commercial airplane, in a test flight by Continental Airlines recently.


Anonymous said...

Well, how about them apples!

Jessica said...

Thanks for this extremely topical post Elrond.
The more awareness we can direct to alternative energy, specifically algae, the better off we all are for a future of self sustainability.
Thanks again for all your contributions on Valcent's blog.
We appeciate the comments you have to offer and look forward to hearing more form you in the near future!
All the best,

Jessica Brock