Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shouldn't Someone ask These Questions?

1. When automobile factories mechanized, they laid off a lot of workers. Did they perhaps lay off more then than they have yet to lay off if they shut down completely? In other words, have we already seen the worst of auto industry layoffs?

2. If we do bail out car manufacturers, what will keep them from just opening plants in China and not hiring American workers anyway?

3. How much expense and trouble is retooling to make fuel efficient cars compared to the retooling they've already undergone to mechanize?

4. I hear that banks are not really using their bailout money for lending. So, why not force car makers to get their loans from banks, instead of handing them government money directly? Or would that interfere with our "freedoms"?

5. I understand that we are talking about more than just auto workers' jobs here. We are concerned about jobs in related industries too. But Americans will always need cars, right? So if we just buy Hondas and Toyotas and not American cars (like all my friends are doing anyway) won't we still need all those related industries to support them?

Michael Moore, we need you back to help with all this. A new guy is playing James Bond, so people won't get your name mixed up if you make another "Roger and Me."

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