Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whose Daddy Are We, Exactly?

Maliki's, or the Awakening/Sons of Iraq tribes'?

This growing antagonistic stance by the Maliki government against the Awakening and Sons of Iraq militias is very disturbing. I was just telling a friend this morning how, it seems to me, that the Bush administration never has had a policy in Iraq since the fall of Saddam. It has merely repeated its mantras about "freedom" and "war on terror" and so on. So our military devised what policy it could and started working with tribes and local groups to bring stability to certain areas. But now, with Maliki turning against these groups, it leaves the military reluctantly standing by, as this LA Times article says. What will this mean to the Sons and Awakening people? That we are abandoning them? I fear these (paid) allies of ours, one of our few signs of "progress" in that country, will turn into renewed enemies . . . which is what the "liberal" (i.e. knowledgeable) press and even some military leaders have been warning about for a long time.

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